Tswarelo Mothobe

  • 2018 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Zimbabwe

Tswarelo Mothobe has fifteen years of experience in filmmaking, focusing on development and training in film and film education in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Tswarelo is the artistic facilitator and director of Initiative Arts, an arts and cultural activist network focused on developing the arts through the establishment of arts and culture platforms, workshops, discussions, training, and creating employment opportunities for youth and marginalized populations in Bulawayo. He is an industrialist at heart who believes that to build nations, one begins by building individuals. As such, all individuals deserve an opportunity to build their own dreams. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Tswarelo intends to continue his work in arts and culture and expand his efforts through a developmental film festival. The festival will engage the community, especially marginalized populations, and provide training on how to shoot films.