Tumiso Mabusela

  • 2014 Dartmouth YALI Fellow

  • Co-Founder, Ideas Expo Botswana

  • Botswana

Tumiso Mabusela is a creative enthusiast and a firm believer in Ideas and the creative economy. He is the co-founder of Ideas Expo Botswana, a platform showcasing innovation within the marketing sector and designed to develop activities that will contribute to the creative industries and economy of Botswana. He believes that Africa and Africans need big ideas to help drive economic growth and diversification in Africa. He describes himself as an Afro Optimist and believes that Africans can come together to deliver and create work that can be used as best practices on a global scale. He sees the Washington Fellowship program as a gateway to collaboration amongst young Africans to work together and pursue Ideas that will contribute to the growth, success, and betterment of the African continent.