Violet Engeu Acumo

  • 2016 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Executive Director of DTV Holdings Uganda Ltd.

  • Uganda

Violet Engeu Acumo is an organizational psychologist turned businesswoman. She has eight years’ experience in business, with over five years in retail. Currently, Violet is the executive director of DTV Holdings Uganda Ltd, an organization involved in the retail and distribution business. She manages business relations with various stakeholders, and oversees operations. She offers pro bono counseling and mentoring to women and teenage girls who are victims of physical and sexual abuse in her community. Violet is the founder of Mama's Jewels, an organization that rehabilitates abused women and girls, particularly in rural Uganda, teaching them life skills and empowering them to appreciate life after abuse. She is pursuing a master’s degree in Management Science focusing on Marketing Management. She hopes to continue her work and launch a business line that packages fresh bananas, giving them extended shelf life without losing their freshness.