Current Fellows

This program selects a group of Dartmouth's top students who are passionate about human development and provides them opportunities to advance their skills and gain professional experience.


Charlotte is from Denver, Colorado. She is on track to graduate with a double-major in Economics and Quantitative Social Science, with a focus on the pathways through which economic growth impacts public health. Within this field, she is interested in researching which kinds of programs effectively and efficiently allocate resources to bring about positive sustainable development.

Charlotte took a gap year after graduating from high school, working as a waitress in Denver and then participating in an immersive homestay and language program in small villages in Indonesia.

As a member of the Dartmouth Partners in Community Service Social Impact Internship summer cohort, Charlotte spent the summer after her freshman year interning at Larkin Street Youth Services, a non-profit that provides a continuum of services to young people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco, California. During the Spring term of 2019, Charlotte studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the Spanish Foreign Study Program as part of her minor in Hispanic Studies. At Dartmouth, Charlotte is the Treasurer of the Ski Patrol and was the summer 2019 Director of Assessment for the Movement Against Violence.


Meriem was born and raised in Rabat, Morocco. At 16, she left her hometown to pursue a global education in United World College (UWC) in Norway.

During her time there, she was the Co-President of Living Environment And Future, a sustainably-oriented and humanitarian NGO that designed and implemented a development project in Ghana. After graduating, Meriem decided to cross the Atlantic and to attend Dartmouth College. She is considering a double major in Economics and Quantitative Social Science.

Meriem is interested in using research-based evidence and data to explore sustainability, female empowerment and poverty alleviation, especially in developing countries. During her freshman year, she was an Ecorep intern for Dartmouth's Sustainability office, an Economics and Arabic tutor, a member of the Women Basketball Club, and a member of Ledyard Canoe Club. As a Fellow, Meriem will work as a Research Assistant for Prof. Ryan Edwards.


Ana Furtado is from Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, Brazil. A first-generation student, she grew up in a low-income neighborhood where she witnessed first-hand the pervasive social and economic disparities within her community. Driven by the desire to contribute to her country's development, she left her hometown to pursue an education at Dartmouth College. She is now pursuing a degree in Latin American Studies modified with Geography, all the while exploring her interest in languages and environmental studies.

During her freshman year at Dartmouth College, she was an OPAL Education Fellow, a drill instructor for the Portuguese Department, a member of the Dartmouth Brazilian Society, and a member of the International Development Forum. She was also selected to be part of the Great Issues Scholar Program, which allowed her to explore her interest in poverty alleviation and global sustainability.

A human rights and environmental activist, she hopes to develop her own research on current Brazilian environmental law enforcement and its effects on indigenous populations, as well as analyze the Amazon rainforests' biodiversity loss caused by open mining and sustained alliance with the beef lobby.



Angel is from Charlotte, North Carolina, but as a child she spent several years in Abuja, Nigeria, learning about her heritage. This is where her passion for development and equality in Africa befan.

At Dartmouth, she is pursuing a Sociology major and a minor in Chemistry while on the pre-med track. She is a member of the Dartmouth African Student Association and a contributor to Black Praxis magazine. In her free time, she loves debating the status qo, crating art, reading, and writing short stories. She is particularly interested in understanding the ways stustainable economic development, higher literacy, and health equality can be realized, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.