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Student Interns at Clinic in East Timor

Lisbeth Labrada '13, on a Dickey Center International Internship, spent the summer working in a free health clinic in the small country of East Timor in Southeast Asia. She saw hundreds of patients a day for maternity and infant care, tuberculosis and malaria, and even HIV. She learned about the clinic by participating in another Dickey Center program for first year students, the Great Issues Scholars program.

Read Lisbeth's entire story written by Keith Chapman on Dartmouth Now.


Global Health Opportunities for Students

Global Health Opportunities for Students

Winter Term 2013 Opportunties: Global Health Initiative has 4 funded faculty-mentored research opportunities in global health for undergraduates, graduate and medical student in Peru. And the Women and Gender Studies Department and the Global Health Initiative are offering 2 internships for students in India and Guatemala that focus on projects that illuminate the links between health, education, gender and human rights. Application deadline: October 10, 4pm.

Emily Unger '11 Travels the World

Dickey Great Issues Scholar to Cover Political Conventions

Former Dickey Center Great Issues Scholar Ester Cross '15 will cover the Democratic and Republican conventions as part of her internship with Talk Radio News Service, an organization that supports talk radio. She will attend the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Tampa, Fla., from August 27-30 before traveling to Charlotte, N.C., for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) from September 4-6. She will have press credentials and work on the convention floor.

Read the full story by Keith Chapman at Dartmouth Now.


IGERT Graduate Student Adds to Critical NASA Discovery

July 24, 2012

Research by Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering graduate student Kaitlin Keegan has added critical information to a NASA annoucement today regarding melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet. "According to satellite data, an estimated 97 percent of the ice sheet surface thawed at some point in mid-July," according to the NASA release.

Keegan is an engineerig PhD student and a fellow in the Dartmouth IGERT polar enviromental change program. She studies the physical properties of the top layers of the ice, the firn, at Summit as well as NEEM, an international ice core project in Northwest Greenland. According to Keegan, the last time such a melt occurred at Summit was in 1889.

The 2012 Summit firn melt layer. The white layer at about 2cm depth shows the new melt layer formed from the mid-July warm temperatures. The inhomogeneity of the layer is due to the surface topography of the ice.

IGERT Students Experience "Big Science"

by Lee McDavid, Program Manager, Institute of Arctic Studies

Photos by Courtney Hammond '11

Five Dartmouth graduate students in engineering, earth sciences, and ecology are bundled into puffy parkas and insulated pants standing on a layer of ice a mile thick marveling at a panoramic 360-degree blanket of white. "It makes me feel so small. It's humbling," says earth sciences graduate student Lee Corbett. Tonight it will be near zero and she'll be sleeping in a tent.

Welcome to the Greenland Ice Sheet, the first leg of the annual Dartmouth IGERT field seminar for graduate students in the polar environmental change program.

Stefansson Fellow Wins NCAA Award

HANOVER, N.H.— Courtney Hammond, a member of the Dartmouth Class of 2011, and a 2011 Dickey Center Institute of Arctic Studies Stefansson Research Fellow, was selected by the NCAA as one of the top 30 honorees for the Woman of the Year Award. Just 10 women from each NCAA membership division make up the top 30, all of whom have distinguished themselves throughout their collegiate careers in academic achievement, athletics excellence, community service and leadership. Hammond is currently working in Barrow, Alaska, with the Inupiat comunity on science education and the impact on climate change on the community.

Reflections on Being a War and Peace Fellow

by Utkarsh Agarwal ’13, War and Peace Fellow

I was admitted into the War and Fellows Program in 2010 as a sophomore, and returned as a fellow for my junior and senior years. In my four years at Dartmouth, the W&P Fellows program has been one of the most insightful and exciting opportunities where I got to interact and learn from my peers just as much as I learnt from the guest speakers. As an engineering major at Dartmouth, the W&P Fellows Program allowed me to pursue my passion of international affairs without the burden of readings or homework.

Throughout the year, W&P Fellows get unfettered access to a long list of well-accomplished people including ex-ambassadors, war veterans, CIA analysts, activists and journalists who visit campus to give public talks. Fellows get the opportunity to speak to these guests in a candid, off-the-record, dinner setting. The W&P Fellows program is also self-driven in the sense that any Fellow can request to bring in a guest speaker to campus, and Dickey will fund their visit.

IGERTs Convene to Discuss Rapid Environmental and Social Change in the Arctic

Enormous environmental changes are occurring hand-in-hand with social change in the Arctic. To better understand these changes, and to learn more about ethical research that incorporates the perspectives of indigenous peoples experiencing them firsthand, four IGERT programs working in this topical area met together for a 3-day, NSF-funded workshop in Juneau, Alaska, to discuss Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and interdisciplinary polar research.

IGERT Associate Talks Ice Cores on MSNBC

IGERT Associate Describes Greenland Ice Cores for MSNBC

Dartmouth engineering graduate student and IGERT Associate in the Polar Environmental Change Program, Kaitlin Keegan, is interviewed by MSNBC's Nightly News on studying the climate change by studying ice cores drilled in Greenland.



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