Polar Environmental Change

The Institute of Arctic Studies at the Dickey Center is Dartmouth's crossroads for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and education on global climate change and Arctic policy issues. We support courses that delve into the challenges facing the Earth due to rapid environmental change. Students can also sign up for a new Study Abroad Program in Antarctica.

Polar Bears Coming to Town

Biology 148 students created short videos explaining climate change. Why are polar bears venturing in Arctic communities as climate change alters their traditional hunting grounds?

Ross Virginia on the Value of Undergrads and Grad Students Working Together

Environmental Studies Professor Ross Virginia, who teaches the popular "Pole to Pole" class, talks about the value of undergraduate and graduate students working together. 



From Pole to Pole: Environmental Issues of the Earth’s Cold Regions

ENSV 15 examines the major physical, ecological and human systems of high latitudes, including the Northern Arctic regions and Antarctica.

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