Opportunities for Dartmouth Students to Work with Mandela Washington Fellows

Special Internships in Africa offer a great opportunity for students to work with the outstanding Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellows of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative. During the 2014-15 Academic Year, these internships provided current and recent Dartmouth students the opportunity to gain experience in human development, business, fashion industry, health and environment, women-empowerment, and education. These young African entrepreneurs focus their start-up organizations on developing their local communities through creation of the necessary infrastructure, improvement of the living standards and health, raising awareness and education levels, and protection of the environment. Read more below about the unique opportunities provided by Dartmouth's Mandela Washington Fellows.

Community-based Water Project in Tanzania

With Mandela Washington Fellow Liginiku Millinga

In the Spring of 2015 one Dartmouth undergraduate was able to combine field work and office administration through an internship at JHM Foundation – a newly established non-profit foundation working to implement its first project on providing affordable access to clean and reliable water at Mbezi kwa Msuguri village in Tanzania. Liginiku Millinga, JHM Foundation’s Chairman, worked closely with the student on tasks focused on community engagement and organizational work related to water and environment-specific issues.

Communications and Event Planning in Botswana

With Mandela Washington Fellow Tumiso Mabusela

Two Dartmouth undergraduates are working with Ideas Expo Botswana/ Wow Factor Feelosophy in Summer 2015. Ideas Expo Botswana/ Wow Factor Feelosophy is an advertising company geared towards developing creative industries in Botswana. These interns will strategically plan and execute various projects (under supervision of the management team) including communication and advertising campaigns; client services and account management; and event support as needed.

Eco-pads Marketing & Outreach in Uganda

With Mandela Washington Fellow Lucy Athieno

Many girls miss out on school five days every month during their menstruation periods because they cannot afford sanitary pads sold in the markets. So that girls don’t have to use rags, which stain their dresses, or get money from older men whom they have to pay ‘in kind,’ Eco-pads provides washable sanitary pads for young women in rural Uganda. During the 2015 Spring Term one undergraduate conducted research on product expansion, marketing campaigns and other tasks involved in helping girls attend school through using Eco-pads. 

Fashion Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe

With Mandela Washington Fellow Mellisa Mazingi

One Dartmouth undergraduate was able to combine interests in human development and fashion by interning with start-up zedlabel, an online store for Zimbabwean fashion designers selling local clothing and accessories, during the 2015 Winter Term.  This intern was able to assist with zedlabel’s Fashion Finance Kickstart Program (a training and mentoring program for designers); publish and circulate press releases through social networking and PR; and work in administration to manage petty cash, attend to designers’ queries, and assist in general office administration.

Leadership & Adventure Sports Expedition Intern in Ghana

With Mandela Washington Fellow Dziedzorm "JayJay" Segbefia

Two undergraduate students had the chance to work with Africa’s foremost adventure sports and experiential learning company by interning in BraveHearts Expeditions’ Corporate Relations Department during the 2014-15 Academic Year. Students applied their academic education, outdoor skills and business experience to the Leadership & Experiential Education for Professionals (L.E.E.P.) Project – a project designed to introduce, sustain, and develop an outdoor leadership and experiential learning culture among Ghanaian professionals in corporate and higher education institutions. In addition, interns were tasked with helping to create economic opportunity tied to the world’s largest man-made lake – Lake Volta – as well as to Ghana’s beautiful landforms and wilderness. Interns had the opportunity to explore Ghana in an intimately challenging and rewarding way.

"Tech Needs Girls" Mentor and Education Intern in Ghana

With Mandela Washington Fellow Regina Agyare

"Tech Needs Girls" – a mentorship program through which young girls from 6 -18 years are mentored to lead and innovate by learning to code hosted one Dartmouth undergraduate in Spring 2015. By learning skills from female mentors in software and mobile application development, girls are empowered both economically and socially. Tech Needs Girls is expanding its operations by starting Tech Needs Girls Mentor Clubs in universities in order to connect more mentors to mentees and to create awareness about the importance of learning to create technology. In addition, Tech Needs Girls is working on a supplementary coding curriculum to take to the government in order to scale up to all public schools to change the way STEM is taught. 

Water Treatment Systems Intern in The Gambia 

With Mandela Washington Fellow Mshila Sio

In the Summer of 2015, two Dartmouth undergraduates are working with ecological wastewater treatment and global development group, Agua Inc. These two interns will collaborate with company executives, mentors, and employees to learn and experience that field of international sustainable development. These internships are customized to best fit their interests, areas of necessary development, and relevant fields of study. Examples of intern projects include: grant proposal formation for USAID; project design for the US Embassy; effective micro-finance applications for youth and women; environmental impact assessments with the National Environmental Agency; stakeholder engagement with WASH cluster meetings; presenting educational programs to lower basic schools; engineering agricultural innovations; and more. The interns are working with various Ministries (Lands, Water, Climate Change, Environment, Parks and Wildlife, etc.) and relevant stakeholders to not only improve the WASH situation in The Gambia, but also become innovators in international development through responsible engagement in the field. 

Community-based Water Project in Tanzania

Community-based Water Project

Eco-Pads Marketing & Outreach in Uganda

Fashion Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Leadership & Adventure Sports Expedition Intern in Ghana

Leadership and Adventure Sports Expedition

"Tech Needs Girls" Mentor & Education Intern in Ghana

Tech Needs Girls

Water Treatment Systems Intern in The Gambia & Kenya

The John Sloan Dickey Center