Emory Case Competition

The Emory Case Competition is an opportunity for students from national and international universities to learn about, develop, and recommend innovative solutions for a 21st century global health problem.

global health certificate

A Global Health Certificate recognizes a student's knowledge and understanding of research methods, research ethics, and emerging issues in global health.

Patrice Juah

Patrice Juah, a recent Liberian Fellow in President Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) visits campus to talk with students, faculty, and health professionals about the Ebola crisis and the anti-stigma campaign she and other artists and activists recently launched, called "Ebola Is Not My Identity."

working in Rwanda

Apply for a research fellowship working in the Rwandan Ministry of Health. Funding is available for undergraduate, graduate and medical students interested in working with global health researchers.

The John Sloan Dickey Center