Khulekani Msweli

Inzaba Yetfu (Our Story), Stories of Migration

Artist-in-Residence Khulekani Msweli, a 2014 YALI Fellow from Swaziland, opens his art installation on January 23.

1917 Centennial Lecture Series

Watch the complete videotaped series from the 2017 fall term, which includes lectures on: Dartmouth at war, Red Cross propaganda and the making of Ernest Hemingway, African Americans in WWI, war and revolution, and more.

Arctic Studies

The Institute of Arctic Studies supports polar programs and provides information about national and international climate research. Learn about the UNIVERSITY OF GREENLAND STUDENT EXCHANGE for Fall '18. Application deadline is 1/24/18.
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Where in the World Are Dickey Interns and Fellows?

Where does the Dickey Center send students for internships and fellowships? Almost everywhere. See our interactive map.

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