middle east map

Dickey Center Director Daniel Benjamin spoke to CNN and PBS about the ISIS and its threat to the US and status as a "state." Follow his continuing conversations with news media about developments in the Middle East.

Ben Valentino

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum plans to unveil a first-of-its-kind Atrocities Early Warning System early next year, developed with Associate Professor of Government Ben Valentino. 

Projects for Peace

The Davis Projects for Peace program is designed to encourage and support young people to create and test their own ideas for building peace. Application deadline is January 15, 2015. 

2014 War and peace fellows in washington

2013-2014 War and Peace Fellows visit the Pentagon during their annual trip to Washington, DC, with W&P Program Director Professor Benjamin Valentino. 

World Outlook editing session

Join World Affairs Council or Model UN, two Dickey Center student organizations, or work on World Outlook, a student journal that aims to increase campus awareness of world issues. 

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