Ross Virginia

Ross Virginia, Director of the Institue of Arctic Studies, is attending the GLACIER meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, along with foreign ministers of the eight countries that belong to the Arctic Council and observer states.

Mendenhall Glacier

Ross Virginia, Director of the Institute of Arctic Studies, co-authors Project Syncidate opinion on keeping the Arctic a zone of cooperation in the face of tensions. 

Culler at a Caribou Pond in Greenland

Lauren Culler is studying the effects of climate change on mosquitoes in Greenland, and the caribou and people they harrass. 

The Institute of Arctic Studies was in Greenland when a CBS rew flew from the US to Greenland to report on the rapid warming and melting taking place there. Watch interviews of Lauren Culler and a US JSEP student in the field in the CBS News Reporter's Notebook

Skytem 2015

Research show beneath Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys lies a salty aquifer that may support previously unknown microbial ecosystems and retain evidence of ancient climate change. Read the story in Dartmouth Now.

Ross Virginia

The Fulbright Arctic Initiative and Co-Lead Scholar Ross Virginia announced the selection of 17 researchers from Arctic Council nations who will work on solutions to the impact of climate change on the Arctic.

The John Sloan Dickey Center