Professor Ross Virginia, Director of the Dickey Center's Institute of Arctic Studies, was selected by the U.S. State Department as one of two distinguished scholar leaders of the newly established Fulbright Arctic Initiative.

Research by Arctic Fellow and Outreach Coordinator Lauren Culler shows fear may be a factor when trying to correlate insect growth with climate change.

Ross Virginia, Director of the Institute of Arctic Studies, is a featured speaker in the University of the Arctic (UArctic) Snowy OWL video series. 

Read a new report on Dartmouth graduate student research in Greenland. Science and the social and political issues of rapid environmental change have the potential to affect environmental policies worldwide. 

The Joint Science Edcuation Project (JSEP) is just one of our many national and international collaboartions that promote research, educaiton and policy development on issues related to rapid environmental change. 

The student organziation Dartmouth Council on Climate Change (DC3) helps raise awareness on campus about the global impacts of our rapidly changing environment. 

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