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Paul Rose: Explorer and Adventurer

Paul Rose: Explorer and Adventurer - From the Arctic to the Ocean: Exploring Hot Topics in Cold, Dark, Deep & Dangerous Places. Sponsored by the Dickey Center Institute of Arctic

Monday, May 6, 2013
Filene Auditorium
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Paul Rose is Vice President of the Royal Geographic Society and an explorer and broadcaster. He gives behind the scenes stories from his landmark BBC documentaries and expeditions in the world's most remote and demanding regions. Paul is the man scientists call when they have the really difficult jobs. He brings fresh, authoritative insights to global issues.


Paul Rose is an expert polar, environmental, exploration and field science consultant. His new BBC documentary, Frank Wild: Antarctica's Forgotten Hero, has aired on BBC ONE and BBC TWO. His television credentials includes the BBC Oceans series.


Paul leads Greenland Icecap crossings and first ascents on the highest mountains in the Arctic, collects ancient air from polar ice, gas samples from the active volcano in Antarctica and does anything else that science teams need. His ocean work includes diving under the Arctic sea ice to report on climate change and ten years of diving under Antarctic ice in support of groundbreaking marine science. To reveal the mysteries of our ancient seas he has dived the noxious Black Hole of Andros, deep caves of the Mediterranean and hideous ocean-surge caves of Tasmania. Bringing the wonders of the oceans to our television screens includes diving with sharks of all types and even cooking eggs on underwater thermal vents!
Paul Rose
Institute of Arctic Studies
Dickey Center for International Understanding

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