International Studies Minor

International Studies Minor

As an International Studies Minor you'll take classes spanning international disciplines like international relations, international development and economics, global environmentalism, global health, and more. You'll also receive personalized support from Dickey Center staff to tailor your unique academic path, find internationally-focused internships, programs, and more.

The minor's core courses ensure a well-rounded understanding of international issues, preparing you to enter an increasingly globalized world and workforce with a unique understanding of how different global forces interact.


A total of six (6) thematic courses (one from each theme): International Development; International Security; Global Health; Global Environment; World Language & Culture; Great Issues Seminar. See below for the full list of pre-approved courses, as well as the list for the upcoming semester. 

If you are interested in the International Studies Minor and have questions, or if you'd like to discuss how to make the minor work with your particular D-Plan, please contact or