Goldstein Internship in Japan

Goldstein Internship in Japan

The Goldstein Internship encourages Dartmouth students with an interest in Japan to further their studies by putting their classroom learning into real-world practice. One student per year will be selected to receive funding for an 8-10 week internship in Japan during the leave-term of their choosing.  Funding is available to cover airfare, lodging, and meals. The student may identify their own internship, or may work with the Dickey Center to find a placement. 

Current placements include:


Place To Grow is one of the leading charity organizations dedicated to tsunami relief and rebuilding efforts in the Tohoku region.  Intern has the opportunity to work with workstreams of their choice; Marketing, Administration, or Programs. Students can work online for the duration of their internship and are expected to join a digital onboarding training after which they may choose the workstream of their choice. Students are encouraged to work with a diverse team of international and domestic volunteers to realize the mission of Place To Grow; Inspire and connect the next generation of Tohoku through fitness and language exchange.  There are also opportunities to engage in research on community rebuilding and the impact of social capital over the recovery years. Volunteerism, personal or governmental level, and/or issues relating to NPO creation and development.  Interns are asked to read the short book Place To Grow: 8 principles that will make you an effective leader in social impact by Place To Grow founder, Angela Ortiz. 


Intern works with Naoshi Takasugi, a professor at Doshisha University's Law Department.  Intern will work individually with Professor Takasugi on research projects and help edit academic works.  Students are encouraged to use the internship to pursue their own research projects, especially in areas of law, government, and politics.  Intern will be provided opportunities to meet and work with college students at Doshisha University, a top school in Japan, and provide presentations on certain materials.


Intern works with Chie Togawa, a journalist, television reporter, and professor of journalism and media at Taisho University. Students are expected to work with Professor Togawa as a research assistant, but also will be introduced to media outlets at various newspapers and magazines throughout Tokyo.  Students are encouraged to develop their own research on media issues in Japan, culminating in a discussion/presentation/lecture for students of Taisho University.  


You can also create your own internship with an organization in Japan that fits your interests, skills, and timeframe.


All applicants, regardless of internship, must fulfill the following criteria:

  •     Undergraduates who are rising sophomores or above.
  •     Ability to demonstrate flexibility while ensuring project quality.
  •     Independent and self-motivated with a strong sense of initiative.
  •     Professional demeanor, capable of building collaborative relationships.
  •     At least one year of Japanese language (suggested).
  •     Demonstrated interest in Japanese studies (suggested), but prior travel to Japan is not required.


We will announce the next application cycle in the spring of 2024. Click here to apply.