Institute of Arctic Studies

The Institute of Arctic Studies (IAS) at the Dickey Center is Dartmouth's crossroads for multidisciplinary Arctic scholarship and global policy dialogs that center inclusion, justice, equity, and Indigenous Knowledge in solutions to Arctic and global challenges.

About the Institute of Arctic Studies

Since its founding in 1989, the Institute of Arctic Studies has prioritized an holistic approach to scholarship and policy, recognizing the connected environmental, cultural, and political dimensions of the North and the immediate impacts of rapid climate change.  IAS offers undergraduate and graduate students guidance on a diversity of educational and research opportunities as well as access to policy seminars and public events.

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Dartmouth faculty and students are involved in diverse and interdisciplinary polar research on a diversity of topics ranging from glacial dynamics and ecosystem change to sustainable development, health equity, fisheries governance, Indigenous rights, and gender equality, to name just a few.

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Several students walking over the Greenland tundra


Dartmouth offers many undergraduate and graduate courses encompassing issues of the environment, polar science diplomacy, Arctic Indigenous Knowledge systems, inclusive governance, and the consequences of rapid environmental change on the North and our planet.

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The Institute of Arctic Studies works with a diversity of U.S. and international organizations on scientific research and policy development, hosting conferences and workshops, and creating inclusive knowledge networks for multidisciplinary, informed solutions.

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Several people gathered around an Arctic manuscript
A public speaker in front of an audience


The Institute of Arctic Studies holds events that center around Arctic engagement and perspectives. Past event recordings may be found here.

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