About Arctic, Polar, & Related Courses

Dartmouth offers many undergraduate and graduate courses on the environment, polar science, and the consequences of rapid environmental change.

Courses in anthropology, engineering, Native American studies, earth sciences, environmental studies, ecology and evolutionary biology, and Russian provide indepth courses on the scientific, political, social and cultural challenges emerging from climate change.

These Arctic and Polar faculty may also have courses available in this space.

Institute of Arctic Studies Faculty Courses

The Practice of Science Policy & Diplomacy

ENVS 80.08 introduces students to the global landscape, emerging ideas, and the art and practice of science policy and diplomacy in the U.S. and internationally. Professor Melody Brown Burkins. Please consult ORC or department website for terms this course is offered.

From Pole to Pole: Environmental Issues of the Earth's Cold Regions

ENVS 15 examines the major physical, ecological and human systems of high latitudes including the Northern Arctic regions and Antarctica. Professor Ross Virginia. Please consult ORC or department website for terms this course is offered.

Arctic Environmental Change

ENVS 80.01 examines the connections between science and the human dimensions of rapid environmental change. The course emphasizes the importance of science communication in the policy process and will culminate with a collaborative case study that integrates climate change, resource.