Dan Benjamin and Susan Rice

Susan Rice Visits

Former ambassador to the UN and national security adviser spoke about her career in public service.

Quick Reference: Dickey Staff Contact Information

Most Dickey staff members will work remotely for the coming few weeks. Here is a quick contact guide, should you need to contact us.

Institute of Arctic Studies

The Institute of Arctic Studies (IAS) supports polar programs at Dartmouth and provides information about national and international climate research.
Map of students origination.

Where in the World Are Dickey Interns and Fellows?

Where does the Dickey Center send students for internships and fellowships? Almost everywhere. See our interactive map.

Aligning Global Health Programs

Read how the Dickey Center's Anne Sosin and Dr. Lisa Adams are working together to coordinate global health programs across the College in an article in the current issue of Dartmouth Medicine Magazine.

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