Arctic And The Environment

The Institute of Arctic Studies (IAS) is Dartmouth's home for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and education on global climate change and Arctic policy issues.

Global Health and Development

Global Health and Development is a Dartmouth-wide program dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the world's population through multidisciplinary research, education and service.

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International Peace & Security

International Peace And Security

We work to advance Dartmouth's contributions to international security through research designed to improve policymaking, promoting direct engagement with policy-makers, and inspiring students to explore careers in international affairs.

beyond covid-19


Seeks to study the global effects of pandemics, the origins of COVID, analyze our preparedness, and suggest ways to prevent the next epidemic.

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Dissent & Democracy Mawarire and Kasparov

Voices of Courage

Dissent & Democracy

What are we standing up for? How do we talk to those we disagree with? What values do we believe in and are we willing to play a role ourselves in speaking up for them?

Supporting Renewable Energy in Fragile States

Powering Peace

Increasing Energy Access and Reducing Climate Change with UN Peacekeeping Operations. Looking to answer the big question: What would it take for the United Nations, development donors, private investors, and entrepreneurs to make the transition to renewable energy a reality?

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Student Internships

Globalize Your Dartmouth

International Internships

Cross-cultural experiences are truly life changing. International travel challenges you to examine your worldview and pushes you to question assumptions about yourself and others.

Globalize Your Dartmouth

International Studies Minor

The International Studies Minor provides rigorous training in relevant bodies of knowledge and values, and raises awareness of the interplay between local and global processes, human and environmental interactions, as well as identities and cultures of a rapidly changing world.

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