Pandemic Security Project

What does the future hold?

As we all eagerly look ahead to COVID receding in our rearview mirror, the time is now to start looking at the lessons learned from the pandemic.  The Pandemic Security Project (PSP) seeks to convene Dartmouth, domestic, and international experts in economics, biosecurity, and epidemiology to study the global effects of pandemics, the origins of COVID, analyze our preparedness, and suggest ways to prevent the next epidemic.  

First Steps


Professors Kendall Hoyt and Chis Snyder
Professors Kendall Hoyt and Chis Snyder, co-collaborators and presenters at the first PSP Workshop, Medical Supply Chain Security and Governance.

PSP hosts its first workshop, May 2-5, "Medical Supply Chain Security and Governance," bringing together many members of the Covid Commission Planning Group, governmental and institutional thought leaders, and Dartmouth faculty to analyze and understand the challenges in developing and providing access to quality health care and vaccines as part of the global response to COVID.  Student rapporteurs will join the proceedings and help create the first accounts of the workshop.