U.S. Naval War College Internship

Work with the U.S. Naval War College faculty in Rhode Island on research related to a wide range of topics in international affairs, security studies, and foreign relations.

About the U.S. Naval War College Internship

The Naval War College was established in 1884 at Naval Station Newport in Newport, RI, to serve as "a place of original research on all questions relating to war and to statesmanship connected with war, or the prevention of war."

The College maintains a small, tailored internship program that offers students from other institutions an opportunity to contribute to this research agenda and to the College's central mission. While the internship program has existed for many years, only recently have students been able to participate in virtual internships while living outside the Newport area.


The U.S. Naval War College offers both remote and in-person internship opportunities. Student interns work directly (or remotely) with Naval War College faculty on research related to a wide range of topics in international affairs, security studies, and foreign relations. Past interns have contributed to research on cyber security, counterterrorism, energy policy, ethics and technology, great-power competition, grand strategy, and maritime conflict, among other themes and topics.

The internship program welcomes students from various academic backgrounds. We are particularly interested in students with training and interests in international history, political science, international relations, economics, and security studies. Students with strong language skills, especially Chinese and Russian, are also encouraged to apply.

The Naval War College offers internships during the fall, winter, spring, and summer terms. The program features flexible working arrangements with varying time commitments, based on the needs and availability of faculty and interns. Student interns must be U.S. citizens actively pursuing a degree. To be eligible for this internship students must be on a registered "L" term with the College.


The application process for these internships is longer than those for most, thus you must apply two terms in advance. 

The application is the first phase of a two-phased process. If you are selected by the review committee at the Dickey Center, you will be given further guidance on how to apply directly with the team at USNWC. They will require, at least, a cover letter, current CV, and a transcript. If the USNWC is able to place you in an internship, the Dickey Center will work with you on funding and pre-departure information. 

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Application Deadline

Fall 2024 internships: Wednesday, April 24 by midnight.


Please contact Tom Candon at the Dickey Center.