Lombard Fellowships

The Lombard Fellowship supports graduating seniors and first-year Dartmouth alumni, including the professional schools, in public service projects in the U.S. and globally. 


The Dickey Center, together with the Dartmouth Center for Social Impact, administers the Richard D. Lombard '53 Public Service Fellowship program. Graduating seniors and first-year alumni can receive up to $25,000 for 6-month (minimum) to one-year (maximum) service projects in the U.S. or abroad. Project criteria include:

  • A Lombard Fellowship project should provide the opportunity for you to contribute to the welfare, development, and fulfillment of other human beings.
  • Agencies or communities can be non-profit or registered for-profit social enterprises.  The agencies and communities must be non-denominational and politically non-partisan.  Fellows may not function as lobbyist.
  • You should submit clear and complete information about the agency or community that you have selected, the goals of this group, and how your service will fit into the group's mission and goals.  You should also be specific about your assignment and the tasks you will be performing.
  • You must identify a supervisor for your project within the agency or community who will develop and sign a work contract statement.  The project should be designed to fulfill to as great a degree as possible the goals of humanitarian service.
  • Your placement should involve thirty to forty hours of work per week.  Its duration should be at least half a year in length and no longer than one year.
  • Upon completion of your fellowship you will be expected to write a five- to eight-page report.  From time to time Fellows may be invited to return to the Dartmouth campus to share their experience in small group presentations.


Graduating students (at any level) or alumni within one year of graduation 


Deadline: Thursday, Feb. 15 at 4pm

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Please reach out to Dickey.Student.Funding@Dartmouth.edu to schedule an advising session.