International Internships

Gain new international perspectives by living and working abroad during a Dickey Center internship.

International Experiences with The Dickey Center

Emily Unger '13 travelled the world for the Dickey Center documenting Dartmouth-supported student international expriences. 

Cross-cultural experiences are truly life changing. International travel challenges you to examine your worldview and pushes you to question assumptions about yourself and others.

The Dickey Center offers a variety of internships and fellowships to help engage abroad. Some of our offerings support established relationships with international organizations. You can also create your own internship within the Dickey Center's primary areas of interest--environment, global health, gender, human development, and security--with an organization that fits your interests, skills, and timeframe. 

If you are interested in an International Internships abroad but don't know how to get started, we can help. Stop by the Loo Lounge at the Dickey Center in Haldeman to talk with student interns and read through reports from previous internships. You can also browse all our internship and fellowship Funding Opportunities






This has probably been the most life-changing and holistically enlightening experience of my Dartmouth education.

Sam Streeter '13

The John Sloan Dickey Center