Going Global with Emily Unger '11

Dartmouth Now features a story about Emily Unger '11 who completed a whirlwind, worldwide trip to interview students on Dartmouth-sponsored international internships. She tells her story in the Nov/Dec issue of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. Her trip was sponsored by the Dickey Center. “We want to capture the unique ‘learning-while-doing’ experiences students have in the field,” explains Dickey Acting Director Christianne Wohlforth. “And we want to turn the telling of those stories into a professional development opportunity in itself.”

The Dickey Center has just celebrated its 30th year, having sent nearly 1,000 students around the world to polar regions, U.S. embassies, development organizations ald elsewhere on internships and scientific field research. View a short video of Emily's trip on the Dartmouth YouTube Channel.

For more information, contact the Dickey Center at 603-646-2023.