Credit Where Credit's Due (New Republic)

In an opinion piece published May 29, 2013, in The New Republic, Dickey Center Director Daniel Benjamin responds to criticism of President Obama's recent speech at the National Defense University and assesses gains made in fighting terrorism.

In "Credit Where It's Due: If Anything, Obama Understates Our Progress Against Terrorism," Benjamin comments on the "overheated" sentiments of some Republicans towards President Obama's assertion that almost twelve years since 9/11, it is time to change tactics. Although the threat remains, Benjamin agrees with Obama's argument that it's time to "move beyond the tools of warfare to deal with terrorism."

"Obamaʼs assessment is very much on target and comports with what I and many of my colleagues have been saying," he writes.

The full text of the article is published online at the New Republic.

Ambassador Benjamin became the Dickey Center Director in January of this year, after serving as the State Department's coordinator for counterterrorism from 2009-2012.

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