A Perfect Stepping Stone to International Economic Development

Todor Plamenov Parushev '14
International Internship, Chile

Todor Plamenov Parushev '14 completed an internship with the Natural Resources and Infrastructure Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-ECLAC) in Santiago, Chile. The UN-ECALC is a part of the UN Economic and Social Council that works in the areas of economic and social development, executing independent economic research, providing advisory services to governments, and other support activities towards public policy pre-shaping.

Todor's internship focused on the field of infrastructural development, and specifically on how public policies on logistics and mobility are conceived, designed, implemented and controlled. The team that Todor worked with focused on resolving problems of transportation and logistics supply and demand by mathematical modeling, exploratory data analysis and predictive analytics of transportation data.

Todor described his experience as "a perfect stepping stone towards my long-term goals of working in international economic development." He majored in statistical analysis and applied economics, so working with CEPAL was a great opportunity to apply his practical skills in economics and statistics outside of the classroom. Todor felt that the challenging and inspiring work environment at UN-ECLAC afforded him the best opportunity to further develop the personal and professional skills necessary to make a meaningful contribution towards the development of today's world.

Since graduating, Todor is now working in the Corporate Strategy and Business Development division of Clínica Las Condes, one of Chile's most renowned private hospitals.