Dickey Director Testifies on Iran's Revolutionary Guard

Dickey Center Director Daniel Benjamin testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on December 2, 2015. The topic of the hearing was: "Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: Fueling Middle East Turmoil." Benjamin's statement can be read here. In his statement, he closes with four main points (condensed below) on "the issue of whether the United States is postured to deter and prevent increased subversive and terrorist actions by Iran."

  1. A key requirement is that we continue to ensure that Israel has what it needs to protect itself.
  2. We still have important instruments for curbing Iran’s support to militants.
  3. Numerous relevant sanctions remain in place under the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action).
  4. We are not signaling any relaxation whatsoever in our stand against terrorism. Iran will continue to be listed as a state sponsor of terrorism and be subject to all the sanctions and restrictions that designation entails — including on foreign assistance, arms sales, export of 7 certain sensitive technology and dual-use items, nuclear cooperation, and various financial restrictions.

The video from the hearing itself can be viewed on the Dickey Center's YouTube channel.