Hands-On Learning in the Antarctic

December 18, 2019

Chilean and U.S. #students and #teachers have recently completed the 2018 session of the Joint #Antarctic School Expedition (JASE), which, in the U.S., is funded by OPP and managed by the Dartmouth Institute of Arctic Studies.

Since 2014, U.S. students have participated in JASE in conjunction with the Instituto Antártico Chileno's Expedición Antártica Escolar (EAE), a decade-old program that promotes awareness and appreciation of Antarctica among young Chileans.

The JASE/EAE program helps build relationships between future generations of scientists from both countries while developing the participants' awareness of global scientific issues: https://dickey.dartmouth.edu/…/jsep-and-j…/program-info/jase

JASE students tour international science facilities, study of animal behavior at Elefanteras beach and on the Ardley Peninsula, survey vegetation surveys at the margin of Collins Glacier, and visit Bellinghausen Dome for glaciological studies. 

For requirements and eligibility to participate in JASE, please see: https://dickey.dartmouth.edu/…/jse…/requirements-eligibility. PLEASE NOTE: Students must be fluent in Spanish because all instruction is in Spanish.

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