Seeds of Peace - Information Session

October 29, 2019

Seeds of Peace – Information Session
Monday, November 5, 2018
12:45 PM - 1:45 PM 
Haldeman 031

Each summer, the Dickey Center provides two Dartmouth students an unparalleled opportunity to learn about peace-building and conflict resolution first-hand with Seeds of Peace. Join us for lunch with Seeds of Peace Camp Director, Sarah Brajtbord. Every year, Seeds of Peace brings together hundreds of teenagers and educators engage with each other across lines of conflict—sharing meals, living spaces, and learning experiences in a traditional summer camp program. In the first half of this two-part experience, students will work as counselors at the International Camp in Maine, which brings together youth and educators from conflict regions with an otherwise impossible opportunity to meet their historic enemies face-to-face. In the latter half of the summer, interns will travel to Israel/Palestine (aka The Region) to continue work with Seeds of Peace on a regional level. Interns assist the campers (or “Seeds”) in their readjustments back home through organized programs, meetings, and continued dialogue sessions. This is a fantastic experience to learn about the Israel-Palestine conflict firsthand, to meet Israelis and Palestinians in their homes and cultural setting, and to help youth find ways to work towards peace. Seeds of Peace does not require any experience with The Region or knowledge about these issues; an open mind, a sense of empathy, and a focus on young adults is, in fact, more important. For more information contact