JSEP Students Remote Arctic Field Work Featured in Wall Street Journal

The Joint Science Education Project (JSEP) was recently featured in an article 'How to Do Scientific Field Work When You Can't Get to the Right Field' by Daniela Hernandez in The Wall Street Journal. The article reflects on several US high school students expierences with performing Arctic field work this summer remotely through the JSEP program.

"In July, Gabrielle Piña set out to understand how layers of rock, soil or debris atop the Greenland Ice Sheet affect its melt rate.

While her team drilled ice cores, set up time-lapse videos, and measured the thickness of sediment particles on the frozen terrain there, the 17-year-old scientist built a makeshift glaciology lab with a bucket, ice, thermometers and black construction paper on another wild landscape: a sidewalk in New York City.

Her hypothesis: The more her artificial ice cap was covered in black, the faster it would melt." 

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