'Round the Girdled Earth Trivia Night

Come and test your trivia knowledge on Europe!!!

Event Details

Join us for a live-hosted, fully interactive trivia night! Our quizzes are NOT Zoom calls. No one can see you. You just see the live host, graphics, and the game. Play from anywhere on any device.

Our quizzes are hosted by actor and voiceover guy, Chris Flockton (VH1's The Fabulous Life, Law & Order SVU, The Boondocks Saints), and are a fun and lively hour of trivial entertainment.

Prizes for the winning team, and best team name! Feel free to send in a picture to the host of you playing! To send in your picture click here!

So, get your thinking caps on and we'll see you Friday, July 30th from 8-9pm (EST)

Join the Event here

*Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place & BEST/Most Creative Team Name

How to Play Trivia Events as a Team

The easiest way to play our trivia events as a team is to use either Zoom or Google Meet.

Simply gather all your players into your designated virtual platform, as you you would do for a normal meeting. Then choose one person to log into quiz (with the link above) in their browser. That person will then share their quiz screen from within Zoom or Google Meet with the rest of the team. *Make sure the volume is on so everyone can HEAR the moderator commentary! The whole team will be able to view the quiz host, and see and discuss each question as the happen. The host of your room (the one sharing the screen), will also need to submit your team's answers to the questions in that platform before the timer runs out.

While screen sharing is possible from mobile devices, it is generally easier from a laptop or desktop.