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Remote Internship Opportunity: GIS Intern


The Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) has been IOM's main operational tool for tracking and monitoring the movements and evolving needs of displaced populations since 2004. It has been systematically deployed in medium to large-scale humanitarian response operations in the last four years, including in all Level 3 emergencies. As of the end of 2015, DTM was active in 22 countries, tracking and monitoring over 14 million IDPs.

GIS Mapping is essential to the operations and programming of IOM Costa Rica. Costa Rica became a member of the IOM in December 1952, and by 1954 an IOM permanent office in the country was established. Since then, IOM Costa Rica has implemented far-reaching programs throughout the country covering all aspects of migration, including projects on labor migration, migration and development, counter-trafficking and anti- smuggling, and protection and assistance to vulnerable migrants; all of which depend, to varying extents, on mapping and data visualization.

The intern in this position will assist IOM Costa Rica's GIS team in mapping flows of migrants in the country, exploring how different migration and development questions can be answered spatially, and preparing GIS presentations for policy briefs, special projects and annual reports. 

The intern's primary responsibilities include the following but could grow to encompass far more.

  • Produce spatial analysis, maps and related information products from national mixed migration data to support the IOM programs and the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM). Will include data collection, management, analysis and visualization with GIS/mapping.
  • Support engagement across IOM departments and liaison with the regional office to promote coordination and knowledge sharing.
  • Provide regular support to different departments including production of different types of static maps or interactive maps for the purposes of grant justifications, research, programming, policy briefs, and reporting.
  • Support developing online interactive maps and web applications using different suites of licensed and open source tools
  • Support in the data collection processes, query, analysis and the overall data management activities to ensure the common spatial data standards and structures are applied and data are managed properly and responsibly throughout the data management cycle. 
  • Support and provide technical and strategic inputs into ongoing information management for external initiatives and partnerships. 

Preferred Experience

  • Experience mapping demographics and population movement
  • Experience compiling data from academic partners and open sources
  • Experience working on a mapping and research team
  • Experience disaggregating data to consider gender and other key social categories
  • Experience conducting independent academic research involving GIS
  • Experience presenting GIS products and findings in a way that is accessible to a general audience, and applicable for use in policy.



For this position, fluency in English is required (oral and written), as is working knowledge with Spanish.


Location: Virtual

Duration: 8-10 weeks. 30-40 hours a week during Summer term.


May 12th, 2021


The standard grant for a remote internship is $1500, meant to help defray expenses while student is engaged in internship opportunity.

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