Melody Brown Burkins on Science Diplomacy Without Borders in the Arctic


Melody Brown Burkins

In a timely recognition of International Indigenous Day, the University of the Arctic published an interview with among others Melody Brown Burkins, Guarini '95, '98, Director of Dartmouth's, Institute of Arctic Studies and Senior Associate Director of the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding. 
Discussing how best to represent the Arctic internationally,  Professor Burkins is quoted as saying: "Strengthening and maintaining the Arctic Council's principles of inclusion, equity, and respect is vital. UArctic is one of its great resources in supporting those core principles. [...] There are not many governance systems on earth that prioritize the inclusion of Indigenous Peoples and co-production of knowledge in decision-making outside of the Arctic Council and UArctic."
Read the full story from the University of the Arctic here.