Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace internships offer an unparalleled opportunity to work with youth and educators from conflict regions and to learn about peace-building and conflict resolution first-hand. 

For the past 30 years, Seeds of Peace has been the leading organization working with youth in areas of conflict around the world.  Through our research-tested programs of dialogue, leadership development and community action, we are helping new generations of youth to imagine and build a more just and peaceful future in their societies around the world.  

Seeds of Peace currently operates in Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, India, Pakistan, the US and the UK, with regional programs that address deep divides within each society (race, religion, class, politics).  Our global programs connect youth from different regions, allowing young people to interact with peers on the "other side" of the conflict – to break down stereotypes and fears, form relationships of partnership and solidarity, and learn skills to address the dynamics of conflict and injustice that affect their lives. 

This Summer Internship invites Dartmouth students to join the Seeds of Peace team at our flagship Camp in Maine and an immersive visit to one of our regional program locations.     

Part 1: Travel (mid-June):  Visit a Seeds of Peace program location in the Middle East or South Asia in (Mumbai, India, Jerusalem or Haifa, Israel, and Amman, Jordan) for a two-week immersion with another Dartmouth Seeds of Peace intern in the history, culture and current sociopolitical challenges in the region. Help to prepare participants traveling to Camp in the summer.  Assist with communications activities (photo, video, storytelling, writing or social media). Meet with youth program participants, alumni, staff and community leaders to better understand the legacies of conflict and ways that individuals are working to create a more just and peaceful future. 

Part 2: Camp (late-June - mid-August). Join the Seeds of Peace Camp staff in Maine for an eight-week summer experience where you will live with one other counselor in a bunk of 10-15 teenagers (grades 9-11) and serve as a specialist for one of our program areas. You'll develop deep relationships with campers as you help them navigate the program and support their personal and leadership growth.  

Camp will operate in two sessions of 150 campers each – in Session 1, youth will be from diverse backgrounds across the USA, and in Session 2 they will come from 8 countries in the Middle East and South Asia, as well as the US and UK.  You will be a full part of the Camp experience, from shared meals in the dining hall, to exciting camp-wide events like Color Games and Intercultural Night, and you'll have the opportunity to spend time with Seeds of Peace's permanent staff from around the world to learn more about our conflict resolution and leadership method. 

Stay tuned for our announcement of the opening of 2024 applications later this fall. 

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