Davis Projects for Peace

Projects for Peace is a global program that encourages young adults to develop innovative, community-centered, and scalable responses to the world's most pressing issues. Along the way, these student leaders increase their knowledge, improve skills, and establish identities as peacebuilders and changemakers. Each year, 1-2 Dartmouth students are selected and nationwide, 100 or more student leaders are awarded a grant in the amount of $10,000 each to implement a "Project for Peace," anywhere in the world, typically over summer break.

Application Process

All submissions are reviewed by a faculty and staff committee. A primary and an alternate project are chosen and forwarded to the Davis Foundation for consideration. At least one, but possibly both, of the forwarded projects will be funded by Projects for Peace.

Application Deadline: To be determined; likely January 2024. We will announce the opening of the 2024 application window on social media and our website. 

Proposal Guidelines

The proposal should be a maximum of two single-spaced pages, include an additional one-page budget, and answer the following questions:

  • Who will you be working with and where?
  • What is the issue you want to address?
  • How do you plan to implement the project?
  • What are the expected outcomes?
  • How is the project related to peace?

What are we looking for in applicants?

  • How familiar are the students with the target area?
  • Have they reached out to mentors or partner institutions?
  • Have the students set realistic goals and a clear plan?
  • Have the students placed community members at the center of their implementation plans?
  • Are the students prepared to create and lead a project?
  • How will the student ensure that the project is sustainable?

To view examples of previous projects, please click here

Please reach out to  peter.w.jenkinson@dartmouth.edu  or Casey.J.Aldrich@dartmouth.edu with any questions.