Dickey Holds Second Annual Dartmouth International Security Conference

Grand Strategy Meets Policy Reality: The Biden Administration in a New Security Environment

The Dickey Center's Initiative for Global Security (IGS) held its 2nd Annual Dartmouth International Security Conference, co-sponsored by the Stimson Center, on May 4-5, 2023, in Washington, DC. Dartmouth faculty, government leaders and think tank and academic area experts discussed the nature of current, strategic challenges, the sustainability of US global engagement, and options for achieving US foreign policy goals.  

The conference kicked off with a reception that brought together Dartmouth students interning in Washington for the spring term and those participating in the Government Department's Domestic Study Program led by Professor Lisa Baldez (including many of the Dickey Center's War & Peace Fellows), the Rosenwald Postdoctoral Fellows in US Foreign Policy and International Security, Dartmouth faculty and staff, and area Dartmouth alumni and security experts from throughout the DC policy community. Dickey Center Director Tori Holt moderated a conversation with U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Sasha Baker '05 as part of the evening's events. 

The conference proceedings were designed as a set of short talks to kick off roundtable discussion. Each session included Dartmouth international security researchers, Stimson Center experts, and policy practitioners in conversation. Panels considered: 

  • The political order in a post-war Europe.  

  • The next pandemic and preparing for it. 

  • Whether multinational institutions can uphold a rules-based order.  

  • The evolving nature of the US-China competition. 

Salman Ahmed, the U.S. State Department's Director for Policy Planning, provided the keynote address. Dickey Center Director Tori Holt and Dartmouth Professors Bill Wohlforth, Ben Valentino, Kendall Hoyt, and Daryl Press (Faculty Director of IGS) moderated or spoke on panels. Tuck Professor Emily Blanchard, who is currently serving as the Chief Economist of the State Department, also joined an expert panel, as did other US government officials for each subject. They included: Doug Jones, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, European and Eurasian Affairs; Daniel Gastfried, Director of Biodefense and Pandemic Preparedness, National Security Council; Stephanie Guerra, Assistant Director for Health Security and Biodefense, White House, Office of Science at Technology Policy; Josh Black, Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs, US National Security Council; and Austin Long, Deputy Director for Strategic Stability, Joint Staff, Department of Defense joined the discussions.  

The conference aimed to foster dialogue on the nature of current challenges, the sustainability of US global engagement, and options for achieving US foreign policy goals. The hope was to provide new information, offer fresh analysis, and identify potential policy ideas. In this, we think, we greatly succeeded.