Corey Huebner '26

Global Health, Student Assistant

Corey Huebner is a '26 from Los Angeles, CA. At Dartmouth, Corey is majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Human-Centered Design. Since his freshmen year, Corey has been a part of Undergraduate research with the ENVS Department and the Biology Department studying mycorrhizal fungi and aquatic ecology in order to better protect our living environment. Corey is also an active member of the Men's Club Basketball, Zen Practice Group, and Stamps Scholarship Program. As a Stamps Scholar, Corey will be researching the use of music in dealing with Climate Trauma in Arctic Indigenous communities for his remaining two years at Dartmouth. This research aims to better understand the communities hit hardest by climate change and its life-altering effects. With a focus on mental health, this research will also explore recently popularized themes that have been termed as "Eco-anxiety", "Eco-grief", and "TierraTrauma". Corey hopes to continue to explore the ways in which we can better conserve our natural environment and foster better mental health practices as the world continues to adapt to the challenges of climate change. As a Global Health Intern, he looks forward to engaging with the new Global Health Fellows and fostering a collaborative environment that is centered around mental well-being and community service. In his free time, Corey enjoys playing basketball and working out at Alumni Gym, hiking, fishing, and photography. You may also find him at the Collis Front Desk where he works as manager.


HB Hinman Box 2414