Erica Wallstrom

  • JSEP/JASE Educator, US

  • Rutland, Vermont

  • Former Einstein Fellow, NSF

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Erica Wallstrom teaches at Rutland High School, which is located on the western slope of the Green Mountains in Vermont. While she works primarily with freshmen Earth Science students, Wallstrom also teaches a fundamentals of science course for special needs students, and a capstone course for upperclassmen completing a STEM concentration. Wallstrom’s teaching reflects her belief that all people are capable of learning, want to succeed, and need to belong. Her goal as an educator is to foster experiences that inspire all learners while providing opportunities for incremental, personalized growth in an inclusive, welcoming, safe environment. 

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HB 6048


  • B.A., Carleton College
  • M.E., Castleton State College