Ilona Mettiäinen

Researcher, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland

I've been working as researcher at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, Finland since 2010. I’m currently finishing my doctoral research in sociology. However, my scientific background is in regional studies (human geography). In my PhD research I study strategic planning as a knowledge practice and a tool for planning climate adaptation and mitigation on regional level in the Arctic. I’m interested in how the complex and abstract phenomenon of climate change is made significant from the global to the regional level by producing regionalized knowledge on the societal impacts of climate change within collaborative strategic planning processes.

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In addition, I have been teaching Arctic human geography at the Arctic Studies Programme of the University of Lapland since 2010. I also give lectures on sustainable Arctic tourism and collaborative planning methods. Moreover, I worked for a couple of years as part-time vice coordinator of our multidisciplinary doctoral program ARKTIS some years ago and organized the international Arctic conference “In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process” in Rovaniemi in 2015.  My recent and future research projects include community viewpoints to albedo modification in the Arctic (with Cornell University) and H2020 Blue-Action.

My photo exhibition “Nanoq – Imag(in)ing climate change” will be displayed in the Russo Gallery, Haldeman Center, Dartmouth College, August 31-October 15, 2017. It previously appeared at the Arktikum Science Centre in Rovaniemi, Finland, and the Embassy of Finland in Washington DC.

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