Joshua Villanueva

  • 2017-18 JASE Students

  • Colorado Springs, CO

Hello! My name is Josh Villanueva and I am going to participate in the 2017-2018 trip to Antarctica. I would have never imagined that this year I would be a part of an expedition to Antarctica under a scientific exploration with a few other Americans and a lot of Chilean students, yet here I am. The program interested me for a variety of reasons the two that were the most profound on me were studying the effects of climate change on the south pole and the second is exploring the facilities that support life in an otherwise uninhabitable region of the planet. I am a lover of the outdoors especially over the summer, I love history for it tells a story of the path the world took to get to where it is today, and travel has become a lifestyle for me! I’m am very excited for the trip and to see the continents of South America and Antarctica.

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