Justin V. Strauss

|Associate Professor
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Associate Professor of Earth Sciences

I am interested in a variety of geological phenomena, from the evolution of Earth's biosphere to the tectonic development of modern and ancient mountain belts. My primary interest is reconstructing Earth's history, particularily the co-evolution of Earth and life during key periods of tectonic and climatic change. Most of my projects are framed through the lens of field-based sedimentology, stratigraphy, and structural geology; however, I also integrate a wide array of tools, such as stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, geochronology, paleontology, and geological mapping to explore outstanding problems in historical geobiology and global tectonics. Almost all of my projects are multidisciplinary and involve collaboration with colleagues of diverse field and analytical expertise.


Fairchild, Room 222
HB 6105


Earth Sciences


The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding


  • B.A. Colorado College
  • M.S. Harvard University
  • Ph.D. Harvard University

Selected Publications

  • 2022

    Busch, J.F., Hodgin, E.B., Ahm, A.-S., Husson, J.M., Macdonald, F.A., Bergmann, K.D., Higgins, J.A., and Strauss, J.V., 2022, Global and local drivers of the Ediacaran Shuram carbon isotope excursion: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 579, p. 117368.

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    McClelland, W.C., Strauss, J.V., Gilotti, J.A., and Colpron, M., in press, Paleozoic evolution of the northern Laurentian margin: Evaluating links between Caledonian, Ellesmerian, and Cordilleran orogenesis, in Whitmeyer, S.J., Williams, M.L., Kellet, D.A., and Tikoff, B., Laurentia: Turning Points in the Evolution of a Continent, eds., Geological Society of America Special Paper.

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