Maya Nunez

  • JASE 2017-18 Student

  • Bronx, NY

I can't believe I am going to Antarctica! When I first heard about the JASE program I knew right from the start that I wanted in. I had never been out of New York and being able to interact with other students from a different cultural background than mine, struck my interest. Applying to JASE was my first priority. When I received the email that I had been selected I couldn't believe it. I remember thinking, 'They must've made a mistake', but no, they didn't. Science has always been a strong suit of mine and I know that I will enjoy my time there. I hope that this journey will open my eyes to newer fields of science, and give me an idea on what I want to pursue once I've reached college. I enjoy drawing, playing the piano, swimming, and meeting new people. See you on the other side, Antarctica and Chile, here I come!