Meredith A. Kelly

Academic Appointments
  • Chair, Department of Earth Sciences

  • Professor of Earth Sciences

My research interests and objectives center upon advancing the knowledge of the terrestrial record of past climate change on timescales that range from centuries to millions of years. This research will benefit our understanding of the modern climate and the mechanisms which cause climate change. I have undertaken research in various geographic locations in order to develop well-dated records of the past extents of glaciers and ice sheets. Although my research generally involves glacial geologic studies, I have broader interests in Quaternary studies and geomorphology.


Steele, Room 219
HB 6105


Earth Sciences


The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding


  • B.S., Tufts University (1995)
  • M.S., University of Maine (1999)
  • Ph.D., University of Berne, Switzerland (2003)

Selected Publications

  • Doughty AM, Kelly MA, Russell JM, Jackson MS, Anderson BM, Chipman JW, Nakileza B, Dee SG, 2020. Modeling glacier extents and equilibrium line altitudes in the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda, over the last 31,000 yr, in Waitt RB, Thackray GD, Gillespie AR, eds., Untangling the Quaternary Period: A Legacy of Stephen C. Porter: Geological Society of America Special Paper 548, p. 171–188.

  • Jackson MS, Kelly MA, Russell JM, Doughty AM, Howley JA, Chipman JW, Cavagnaro DA, Baber MB, Zimmerman SRH, Nakileza B, 2020. Glacial fluctuations in tropical Africa during the last glacial termination and implications for tropical climate following the Last Glacial Maximum: Quaternary Science Reviews 243, 106455.

  • Levy LB, Larsen NK, Knudsen MF, Egholm DL, Bjørk AA, Kjeldsen KK, Kelly MA, Howley JA, Olsen J, Tikhomirov D, Zimmerman SRH, Kjær KH, 2020. Two-step deglaciation of South and Southeast Greenland driven by air and ocean warming: Quaternary Science Reviews 242, 106454.

  • Vickers AC, Shakun JD, Goehring BM, Gorin A, Kelly MA, Jackson MS, Doughty AD, Russell JM, 2020. Similar Holocene glaciation histories in tropical South America and Africa: Geology 49, 140-144.

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