Rikke Jørgensen

JSEP Educator
Naestved, Denmark

Rikke is born and raised in Denmark, in Bornholm, which is a small island in the Baltic sea. She moved to the capital when she was 20 and started at the University of Copenhagen, where she studied geology. She spent a semester at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she studied glaciers. After six years in school, she went to Nuuk, Greenland, to teach and I fell in love with the job after teaching her first class. Now she's on her fifth year of teaching and can’t imagine anything better. After two years in Nuuk, she went back to Denmark, mostly because she missed her family and because she had a tiny animal waiting for me. A small 8-week-old Great Dane, who is now three years old and still a big baby. 

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She has been lucky enough to have been a part of the JSEP summer school for five years now. The first year, 2011, she was just a part of the JSEP days, but did not get to go the icecap. She got to see a lot of the research. The following years, she was one of the teachers during the summer school, as she was this year. Her fields of expertise are rocks, minerals, glaciers, landscapes and fossils, and her mission on the 2017 trip is to convince students that rocks are cooler than flowers. (Even though Kasper will try to tell them otherwise.)

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University of Copenhagen
University of Alaska Fairbanks
The John Sloan Dickey Center