Sanaa K. Siddiqi

Program Manager, Institute of Arctic Studies

Sanaa Siddiqi comes to the Institute of Arctic Studies (IAS) and Dickey Center with an international background, as well as working experience with wildlife conservation and enforcement entities in Alaska. Born in India and raised in South-East England, she has been fortunate enough to have been exposed to a wonderful range of cultures and peoples through studies and travel. As the Dickey Center's Arctic Program Manager, she has a strong commitment to the Center's values of diversity, inclusion, empathy, advanced study, justice, and equity on the international stage.
Her twelve years in Alaska have been particularly influential in developing her perspective of the Arctic and its challenges, as well as its incredible wonders. A lifetime of appreciation of the natural world 

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HB 6214


  • BSc. University of London - Business Management & Marketing
  • MSc. University of Alaska, Anchorage - Science Communication & Arctic Policy