William C. Wohlforth

Academic Appointments
  • Professor of Government

  • Daniel Webster Professor

  • Faculty Director, Dartmouth Institute for Global Security

  • Faculty Coordinator, Rosenwald Fellows Program in US Foreign Policy and International Security

A member of the Government Department’s faculty since 2000, I teach and conduct research on international relations, with an emphasis on international security and foreign policy. Before coming here, I taught at Princeton and Georgetown. I graduated with a degree in international relations from Beloit College, worked as a legislative aid in the U.S. House of Representatives and did my graduate work at Yale University, earning an MA in interntional relations and PhD in Political Science. My personal website has all the details on current research and teaching.

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Silsby 207
HB 6108


  • B.A. Beloit College
  • M.A. Yale University
  • M.Phil. Yale University
  • Ph.D. Yale University

Selected Publications

  • Wohlforth, W.C. “Realism and Great Power Subversion,” International Relations 34: 4  (December 2020)

  • Sambanis N., S. Skaperdas & W.C., Wohlforth,  “External Intervention, Identity, and Civil War” Comparative Political Studies 2020. Vol. 53(14) 2155 –2182

  • Paci., S., Sambanis, N., & W.C. Wohlforth,  “Status-Seeking and Nation-Building: The ‘Piedmont Principle’ Revisited”  Journal of Interdisciplinary History Vol. 51, No. 1, Summer 2020, pp. 65-95.


  • Sushentsov, A. A. & William C Wohlforth, “The Tragedy of US-Russian Relations: NATO Centrality and the Revisionists’ Spiral,” International Politics 57 (3) (2020), pp. 427-450.

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Works In Progress

  • Wohlforth,  W.C.,  “Subversion Among the Great Powers.”

  • Wohlforth,  W.C.,  “Evaluating Grand Strategy,” forthcoming in Krebs and Balzaq, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Grand Strategy

  • Norrlöf, C., & Wohlforth,  W.C.,   “Money and Power Revisited: Military Power, Deep Engagement, and Global Finance.” 

  • Andersen, M. ., & Wohlforth,  W.C.,    “The Balance of Power,” forthcoming in Leira and de Carvalho, eds,  Routledge Handbook of Historical IR

  • Sushentsov, A. A,m & William C Wohlforth, “The Tragedy of US-Russian Relations: NATO Centrality and the Revisionists’ Spiral,” International Politics (forthcoming).