Dickey International Internships

About the Internships

This spring, the Dickey Center will be supporting both remote and in person travel based internships. More details to come as policies around COVID-19 change! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Cross-cultural experiences are truly life changing. International travel challenges you to examine your worldview and pushes you to question assumptions about yourself and others.

The Dickey Center offers a variety of funded opportunities for individuals to engage with the world. Some of our offerings support established relationships with international organizations. You can also create your own experience with an organization that fits your interests, skills, and timeframe. 

This Summer, the Dickey Center and Seeds of Peace are looking for interns who are interested in engaging with students across lines of conflict and difference at their internationally renowned summer camp in Maine. The deadline to apply for summer opporutnities is February 2nd. For more information on the opporutnities and how to apply, click here

Learn more during office hours! Join remotely during office hours and talk with a peer advisor here
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Tuesday | 12 - 3pm 
Wednesday | 2 - 4:30pm
Thursday | 11-1pm
Friday | 11-11am

or email Peter Jenkinson with any questions or to schedule another time to meet!  


The ideal Dickey International Internship enriches an aspect of your on-campus academic work.  You may choose to undertake your remote internship with an organization based domestically or abroad, so long as the proposed work is internationally focused.

Applicants must be enrolled Dartmouth College undergraduates on a registered leave term, and must be returning to Dartmouth for at least one term after completing the internship. If students withdraw from the College for any reason (in good standing or not), they are not eligible for Dickey Center funding during the terms in which they are withdrawn. If students are accepted for a Dickey Center internship in a given term but withdraw from the College during that term, they must contact the Dickey Center immediately. See the College webpage on withdrawals for more information. 

Returning interns agree to participate in workshops or informational sessions related to internships. Following completion of the internship, students are required to submit a 3-5 page report describing not only the kind of work done, but also something about the organizational host, the people with whom the intern worked, and how the experience was meaningful.

For more information, download Frequently Asked Questions.


Applications for Spring 2022 projects will be due February 2nd by 4:00pm.


To apply for funding if you are a new applicant, complete the Build an International Internship ONLINE APPLICATION by February 2nd. Candidates may indicate preference for up to three potential internship sites during a single application cycle and are required to answer a short supplemental question for each site. An application is considered INCOMPLETE if it does not include ALL items listed below.

**Please note: Log-in by using your Dartmouth credentials/net id through the link provided above. Please do not create a new sign in. If you have any issues or questions please contact Dickey.Student.Funding@dartmouth.edu.  We advise that you submit early and do not wait until the deadline.  The application will close at 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time.**

Items to Submit with Your Online Application:

You are required to submit a resume/CV, and transcript with your application at the time of submission. These are uploaded directly into the application.


  • Standard funding available for travel based internships is $4500 and for remote internships, $1500. If expenses are higher than the standard amounts, please specify where additional funds will support. 

Resume or CV

  • Please submit a current resume or CV.

Supervisor Statement

  • Applicants must ask their host organizations to complete the Supervisor Statement, which verifies your offer of internship and includes a description of the work to be completed. *not required if applying to partnered opporutnities 


Requests for recommendations are made directly through the application link. Please begin your application and use the links provided to invite recommenders to complete an online form

  • One recommendation must come from a Dartmouth faculty member
  • A second recommendation is suggested, but not required. Secondary recommendations can come from previous employers, advisors, staff, or an additional faculty member.

Questions?  We're here to help!  Contact Casey Aldrich or Peter Jenkison for virtual advising, or direct your questions to: dickey.student.funding@dartmouth.edu