Arctic & The Environment

The Institute of Arctic Studies (IAS) is Dartmouth's home for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and education on global climate change and Arctic policy issues.

Global Health

The Global Health Initiative is a Dartmouth-wide program dedicated to improving the health of the world's population through multidisciplinary research, education and service.

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Global Security

The Initiative for Global Security advances Dartmouth's contributions to international security through research designed to improve policymaking, promoting direct engagement with foreign policy-makers, and inspiring students to explore careers in international affairs.

Human Development

The Dickey Center supports students and faculty working as they seek solutions to the complex problems underlying global poverty and other forms of deprivation worldwide.

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A group photo of Eliana Piper and students.


The Dickey Center supports a course in the International Studies Minor that includes a focus on gender issues.

Global Studies

A minor in international studies allows Dartmouth students, regardless of major, to become educated in the cross-cutting global forces that shape the vital issues of our day.

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