Student Organizations

Dartmouth Council on Climate Change (DC3)

Science, Technology and Engineering Policy Society

The Science Technology and Engineering Policy Society (STEPS) is a student-led organization bringing together graduate and undergraduate students, along with postdoctoral researchers, across disciplines and schools at Dartmouth with a shared interest in science policy.

The world's great challenges, from public health emergencies to rapid climate change to food security, increasingly require science and technology knowledge to inform policy and decision-making. To effectively engage in policy, scientists and engineers must have an understanding of complex policy landscapes and develop new skills in science outreach, collaboration, and communication. 


STEPS brings together graduate students, undergraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers at Dartmouth around the topic of science policy. Our goals are to:

  • promote dialogue and learning about science policy and related topics,
  • provide resources and promote career development in science policy, and
  • educate young researchers about the many ways to engage with policy.

Contact and Web Resources

Find out more about STEPS activities on our website and Facebook page. Please feel free to email us with questions or requests to join. New members are always welcome! Members are encouraged to join our Facebook Group.