Opportunities for Undergraduates

The Institute of Arctic Studies(IAS) at the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding provides several remote and in person internships and a fellowship related to the Arctic and Environment. IAS is also excited to offer the on-campus Arctic Innovation Scholars program, where students will be given access and opportunities to a wide variety of guest speakers and networks in the Arctic. 

Arctic Innovation Scholars

The Arctic Innovation Scholars is a program that has been developed for students with transformative perspectives across disciplines to engage with Arctic, climate, sustainable development, and environmental challenges. Learn more here.


US-Canada Remote Partnered Internships

Dartmouth-McGill Arctic Research
For undergraduates interested in Arctic science but unsure which field you find the most interesting.


Internship with Future Earth

Future Earth Sustainability
Future Earth works around the world to connect scholars, researchers, and innovators in support of a more sustainable planet. 

Stefansson Fellowship

Perform Arctic Research Remotely! Stefansson Fellowship projects can deal with topics in any field of study related to the Arctic and can be either student-led or in partnership with staff or faculty of Dartmouth. 

Greenland Off-Term Opportunity

Dartmouth students can learn about Greenland's politics, economy, history, and environment by attending the University of Greenland in Nuuk during a fall off-term. Learn more here


The ideal Dickey International Internship enriches an aspect of your on-campus academic work.  For Stefansson Fellowship Applicants, you may choose to undertake your remote internship with an organization based domestically or abroad, so long as the proposed work is internationally focused on Arctic Studies.

All applicants must be enrolled Dartmouth College undergraduates on a registered leave term, and must be returning to Dartmouth for at least one term after completing the internship. If students withdraw from the College for any reason (in good standing or not), they are not eligible for Dickey Center funding during the terms in which they are withdrawn. If students are accepted for a Dickey Center internship in a given term but withdraw from the College during that term, they must contact the Dickey Center immediately. See the College webpage on withdrawals for more information. 

Returning interns agree to participate in workshops or informational sessions related to internships. Following completion of the internship, students are required to submit a 3-5 page report describing not only the kind of work done, but also something about the organizational host, the people with whom the intern worked, and how the experience was meaningful.