Dartmouth-McGill Arctic Research

About the Internship

The Dartmouth-McGill partnered internship is a continuously-evolving opportunity that offers new and exciting insights into Arctic research in a structured setting. Students have the opportunity to contribute to an Arctic science study, regardless of background or experience, with researchers at Dartmouth College and McGill University in Canada.

The Current Project

Stories from Indigenous communities worldwide illustrate the centrality of water to Indigenous wellbeing and culture. "For Indigenous Peoples, water provides lifeways, subsistence, and has undeniable spiritual significance," described Special Rapporteur Victoria Tauli-Corpuz in an end-of-mission statement. This project seeks to demonstrate how Indigenous youth's knowledge, creativity, and innovation can play a vital role in responding to water justice and adverse mental health outcomes.

At this stage of the project, the internship would focus on researching Arctic Indigenous languages and ontologies in relation to water and how they manifest in Indigenous conceptualisations of justice, Indigenous law and forms of governance. Arctic Indigenous languages and language renaissances are powerful tools of resilience, justice, identity, self-determination, and of healing intergenerational trauma. During the internship, the student would research Indigenous languages and ontologies of the Arctic, and begin to gather words and concepts from those languages related to water. Through this effort, we will collaboratively work to develop a "dictionary" of water, water justice, and water governance terms from Arctic Indigenous languages. The internship will aim to share the findings of this work through a peer-reviewed academic journal article as well as other publications or presentations of interest to the project and internship. 

Details & Requirements

LOCATION: McGill University, Montreal, Canada

DURATION: 8-10 weeks 


This is an internship that is available on a quarterly basis. Deadlines for future internships will be updated here.

Currently, we are accepting applications for Spring Internships.

Applications for Spring projects will be due on WEDNESDAY, Jan. 31st at 4:00 pm.

FUNDING: The standard award given for internships requiring travel is up to $5,000.

ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for funding, you must have an "L term" (Leave Term) status with the College.

APPLICATION: To apply for funding, complete the Arctic-Environment Remote Internship online application by the deadline.

Please apply here.

This is a generic application for the Arctic-Environment Internships, please indicate you are applying for the Dartmouth-McGill Research Project. If you are interested in our other Arctic-Environment Internships, please find them here. Note: You may apply for more than one Arctic-Environment Opportunity at a time. Please specific your first and second choice of opportunity.

ITEMS TO SUBMIT WITH YOUR APPLICATION: You are required to submit a statement of interest, a writing sample (1-3 page) and your resume/CV with your application at the time of submission. These are uploaded directly from within the online application. 

Expressions of interest and questions may be directed to Arctic Program Manager, Sanaa K. Siddiqi.