CBS News Covers Dartmouth in Greenland

July 19, 2015

Greenland is ground zero for climate change research, and Dartmouth was there when a CBS Evening News crew flew from the US to Greenland to report on the rapid warming and melting taking place there.

Lauren Culler, an ecologist, and the postdoctoral fellow and outreach coordinator at the Institute of Arctic Studies at the Dickey Center, was interviewed for producer T. Sean Herbert's Reporter's Notebook segment online about melt ponds near the Greenland Ice Sheet that are drying up. "Out of the 10 or so ponds that I have been keeping track of, about three of them have completely disappeared since 2012," said Culler. 

Culler and Ross Virginia, Director of the Institute of Arctic Studies, coordinate the National Science Foundation's JSEP (Joint Science Education Project) program that takes high school students to Greenland to learn about polar science with students from Denmark and Greenland. JSEP high student Aislinn Slaugenhaupt, from Pennsylvania, was interviewed in the field about the unique opportunity JSEP had offered her to study polar science. "I'm definitely excited to get more engaged in polar science especially as something that young people can do to take action for our future," said Slaugenhaupt. 

CBS Evening News:

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